Consolidate Data and Glean Consumer Preference Insights

In retail, it is difficult to consolidate data from various sources and multiple channels. However, there is value in doing so because relevant insights can be gained about consumer preferences, worldwide views of products and SKUs, supply chains, and overall business value. Our cost-effective cloud data management solutions increase agility and flexibility, and enable clear marketing analytics while making compliance on consumer data easier and less expensive.

General Use and Benefit

More Agile and Flexible
More Agile and Flexible

Test new solutions with low risk and consolidate data from various sources to glean new insights about products, SKUs, and supply chains.

Easier Compliance
Easier Compliance

Compliance is costly given large quantities of data in retail. Our data management solutions make compliance easier and less expensive.

Reduced Capital Expenses
Reduced Capital Expenses

By putting services in the cloud, retailers can avoid high capital expenditures, only needing to pay monthly operating costs.

Fast-Growing Natural Food Store Migrates to a More Secure and Reliable IT Environment

As Vermont’s largest natural food store, Healthy Living was dealing with unique challenges involving a fragmented mixture of equipment, systems, and third-party platforms. Starting out as a woman-founded company in 1986, Healthy Living has become a thriving local, independent family-run business employing nearly 300 staff in Vermont and New York.

With such rapid growth came new challenges. Their systems became increasingly fragmented and insecure. They also needed to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI) Standards. Healthy Living turned to C2 to bring these initiatives to completion as well as migrate to Microsoft 365.

Thanks to the collaborative work done by both Healthy Living and C2, Healthy Living now has a stable, secure, and integrated IT infrastructure allowing them to meet the needs of their customers and still have room for expansion.

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