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Many complex and moving parts in production, distribution, supply chains, and customer interactions all need the support of an IT infrastructure built for scale and a well-executed commerce and data management strategy. To help you stay competitive in the Industry 4.0 era, C2 can help with product information management, eCommerce, data security, cloud management, managed services and reporting, leaving your employees extra time to focus on business intelligence and growth strategies.


Improve Product Data, Reduce errors
Improve Product Data, Reduce errors

Smart product information management, solid data governance and streamlined automated workflows ensure that your product data is multi-channel ready and correct everywhere leading to happier customers and fewer returns and errors.

Enhance Security and Reduce your TCO footprint
Enhance Security and Reduce your TCO footprint

Let us rationalize your technology infrastructure with cloud-ready and hyperconverged technology, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). Add in robust security and you’re able to sleep well at night.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Online Revenues
Increase Customer Satisfaction and Online Revenues

Improve your eCommerce experience with a replatform or redesign using customer-centric methodology for UX. Seamlessly integrate your Product Data into your Website with a PIM system and be amazed at the result.

Unifying Product Data to Improve Food and Animal Safety


NEOGEN, a Michigan-based food and animal safety company, had been undergoing strong business growth. As a result, their eCommerce site and product databases struggled to keep up.

NEOGEN needed to consolidate, unify, and enrich product content from multiple ERP systems to support a new digital experience. NEOGEN chose C2 to implement a new Product Information Management (PIM) system based on their in-depth knowledge and reputation for excellence in PIM, MDM, and software platform implementation.

C2 implemented EnterWorks’ technology for the initial rollout, with considerations around flexibility for future expansion. The implementation of a central PIM system has cleared the way for NEOGEN to move ahead with expanded eCommerce capabilities across different product lines globally and in multiple languages.

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