Custom Website Development Brings a new Brand to Life

The mission of WORKHORSE Ground Solutions is to use 100% recyclable and sustainable material to build the fastest, best performing, and most durable ground solutions that are able to withstand high-traffic, heavy equipment, and dangerous weather conditions.

Products from WORKHORSE Ground Solutions can be used for concerts, site access pathways, temporary infrastructure, and other custom applications, including military. As a brand of Bike Track, Inc., WORKHORSE engaged C2 for web development to make their brand come alive.

“In working with the team at C2 over numerous projects and years, they have become our ‘go-to.’ They are highly competent, helpful, responsive, and caring – they have earned our trust. Advanced technology isn’t our thing, but it’s theirs, and we are more comfortable making business decisions knowing that C2 is in our corner.”

Max Wunderlich, VP Sales and Marketing, WORKHORSE Ground Solutions

The Challenge

After manufacturing military-grade modular flooring for the military, Bike Track, Inc. wanted to enter the consumer market with a lighter version of their product, which would be better suited for outdoor weddings, events, and conferences. This required the launch of a new brand and a radical change in their approach. They came to C2 for a solution.

The Solution

We worked with Bike Track to develop a website based on new naming, branding, logo creation, and designs. After consulting with a branding agency, the WORKHORSE Ground Solutions brand emerged. C2 developed the new website while providing strategic and technical guidance along the way. We used the Umbraco content management system (CMS), incorporated new designs, and brought the website to life. The project launch was a success and WORKHORSE is now covered under our Vigilant24™ Managed IT Services.

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