Delivering Agile and Reliable Hospitality IT Solutions With 360° Customer Analytics

Hospitality is a 24-hour business, which makes it inconvenient to do regular patches or routine IT activities that distract you from the critical task of building relationships with customers. To overcome this, an agile IT solution custom-tailored to your hospitality business can help you focus on delighting customers with an experience that exceeds their ever-increasing expectations. We are a trusted partner in building digital automation with integrated customer analytics for restaurant and hotel management as well as safety assurance and risk management.


Get Better Analytics
Get Better Analytics

Eliminate bottlenecks with the right IT infrastructure. Glean insights from a 360° view of customer analytics. Deliver exactly what guests want.

Increase Agility
Increase Agility

Automate management of accounts payable and accounts receivable. Streamline operations to focus on guest experiences.

Build Customer Loyalty
Build Customer Loyalty

Deliver personalized guest experiences to build relationships that last. Receive a consistent stream of glowing 5-star reviews.

Adding Enjoyment to the Tourism Experience With a More Reliable Cloud System

Inntopia, a hospitality company, was seeing great success with a software engine that integrates popular travel platforms with their one-cart booking and CRM system to serve tourists visiting resorts and attractions all over the world.

One challenge Inntopia encountered was the need for an underlying IT infrastructure that allowed their company to grow and scale in order to enjoy continued success. More specifically, they needed a more reliable cloud system that could be effectively managed by a small IT staff. C2 determined that hyperconverged infrastructure would meet Inntopia’s needs.

After working with C2 to implement their new VxRail production facility and a disaster recovery site, Inntopia instantly noticed better performance, higher uptime, and greater flexibility in their IT processes. They also combined all of their software renewals from multiple vendors in both U.S. and Canada. This resulted in less administrative work and reduced costs, freeing Inntopia employees to focus on customer-facing tasks catering to the hospitality and tourism industry.

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