Our Story

C2 was founded in 1993 by four seasoned IT and management experts with a vision for a new type of technology services company – one that understood that the sole purpose of information technology is to make its clients more competitive. From the start, we have been a unique IT services company. Each technology strategy we develop starts with clearly defined and achievable business objectives.

C2's Mission Statement

Since our founding, we have held to a timeless mission statement.
While the technologies and their applied use have varied greatly in the past 28 years, our mission remains steadfast:
To provide leading-edge information technology services that
enable businesses to improve competitiveness in the global market.


Since our founding in 1993, C2 has helped clients establish and sustain competitive advantage through the innovative use of technology. From our roots in client-server technologies through the era of PC’s transformational impact on businesses and the revolutionary change brought on by the web and internet technologies, we remain exhilarated by the journey.


Highly-skilled and motivated people working in powerful teams are the cornerstone of our culture. We support and value innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit while maintaining technical excellence. Our people are smart, technically proficient, and business savvy. Our environment is one of teamwork, diversity, and camaraderie. We’re serious about delivering business value to our clients, and we have fun doing it!

In Memoriam: Carolyn S. Edwards (1950 - 2014)

We remember the significant contributions of Carolyn Edwards – our colleague, mentor, and friend – who passed away on October 19, 2014 at age 64.

Carolyn’s career in the Vermont business community began at Digital Equipment Corporation, which led her and a small group of visionary entrepreneurs to start C2 in 1993. Following several years of hard work and contributions by many, the company grew and prospered to become one of the fastest growing technology companies in Vermont.

We take comfort in the excitement and pride Carolyn would feel seeing the company she helped build continue to do great things, grounded in the same principles she and her partners founded the company on nearly three decades ago.

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