Are You Using Intelligent Analytics Data to Deliver Personalized Financial and Insurance Products to Your Customers?

IT departments in insurance and financial services are facing pressure from all sides. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Executives are simultaneously demanding better efficiency while slashing costs. Disruptive technology is stealing market share. Customers are demanding better experiences. Many insurance companies and financial services are struggling to grow without heavy cost cutting to boost margins. To effectively compete today, a sound digital strategy with integrated cloud-based datasets is necessary.

General Use and Benefit

Sharper Targeting of Customer Preferences
Sharper Targeting of Customer Preferences

Anticipate customer demands and preferences with high precision using IoT and machine learning coupled with cloud data solutions.

Increased Data Protection and Security
Increased Data Protection and Security

Simplify legacy systems and close network vulnerabilities. Increase cybersecurity and reduce risks of data losses, disasters, and breaches.

Increase Responsiveness to Market Shifts
Increase Responsiveness to Market Shifts

Breaking down silos and using cloud solutions provides the flexibility to respond to changing customer preferences.

Enhancing Security and Reliability at Hickok & Boardman

As a locally-owned insurance firm operating since 1821, the Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group is a trusted cornerstone among members of the local community in Vermont, helping them with their financial, business, and real estate needs.

To keep the hard-earned trust of the local community, Hickok & Boardman made security and reliability top priorities. They had outdated hardware that needed to be replaced within a year. Therefore, Hickok & Boardman tapped C2 for their expertise in disaster recovery planning, network infrastructure, and managed IT services.

Without hiring additional staff, C2 worked with Hickok & Boardman to increase security and reliability using a hyperconverged platform. All new technologies have been upgraded, including the transition to Windows 10, with additional security for their particular insurance regulations. As a result, Hickok & Boardman has been better able to serve their communities while C2 continues to provide ad-hoc IT support on the backend.

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