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The healthcare IT industry suffers from lack of transparency, ineffective communication between health facilities, and less than stellar patient outcomes. Disparate systems make it difficult for physicians to access the medical data they need to treat patients faster and more effectively. Our IT, cloud, and digital transformation solutions can transform your organization allowing for a 360° view of information exchange between doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, patients, and insurance companies. The end result is improved patient safety, higher quality of care, and better outcomes at a drastically reduced cost.


Faster Times to Quality Care
Faster Times to Quality Care

Eliminate redundancies and improve clinic workflows by streamlining healthcare data, reducing workloads, and using AI applications.

Improved Patient Safety and Better Outcomes
Improved Patient Safety and Better Outcomes

Faster time to care, transparent exchange of information, and more accurate diagnostic results enhances patient safety.

Easier Access to Medical Information
Easier Access to Medical Information

Integrating disparate hospital networks makes it easier for health professionals to collaborate and share patient information.

Aspenti Rebuilds IT Systems to Comply With HIPPA

Aspenti has state-of-the-art diagnostic labs and treatment centers for toxicology screening, substance use management, and healthcare facilities in Vermont. They achieve fast 24-48 hour turnaround times and customized lab reports with high accuracy and minimal false positives.

However, Aspenti needed to have a stable and secure IT environment to comply with HIPPA regulations. Aspenti worked with C2 on their initiative to rebuild their IT infrastructure. We used our data-driven onboarding process to help recreate the right IT foundation to help Aspenti meet their long-term goals.

C2’s managed IT services provided back office support for all their servers, SANS, firewalls, and backups. After the rebuild that lasted three years, the resulting IT infrastructure is now more stable and secure with reduced outages and has sufficient space for backups. The new system not only helped Aspenti ensure that they are in full compliance with HIPPA, but also made room for sustained business growth.

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