Creating a Reliable IT Environment to Serve Healthy Food

Healthy Living is a woman-founded Vermont business and is now a thriving local, independent family-run business that employs almost 300 Vermonters and New Yorkers. Healthy Living is an outstanding place to work, with a commitment to local food producers, farmers, brands, and partners.

Healthy Living delivers innovative and delicious food to our local community with the highest product standards possible. With its growth and expansion, C2 helped Healthy Living support its network environment and migrate to Microsoft 365 while keeping customers happy—and healthy.

“The IT backbone and infrastructure is critical to the success of this business and frankly we couldn’t do it without C2.”

Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, Co-Founder & CEO, Healthy Living Market & Cafe

The Challenge

As a fast-growing natural food store, Healthy Living was dealing with unique challenges involving a fragmented mixture of equipment, systems, and third-party platforms. We understood that Healthy Living needed a stable, secure, and integrated IT infrastructure. For instance, Healthy Living needed to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI) Standards. They engaged with our team at C2 to meet those goals quickly and to begin a migration to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The Solution

Throughout our discovery process, C2 was able to answer challenging questions from the management at Healthy Living. They appreciated our honesty and collaborative approach. Through our Vigilant24™ Managed IT Services and migration assistance, we helped Healthy Living become PCI compliant while providing full back office support including server maintenance, firewalls, backups, and migration to Microsoft 365. Healthy Living now has a cleaner, more stable, and secure IT environment with a much lower frequency of outages.

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