A More Efficient Network Results in Lower Costs and Fewer Support Calls

Whether in the office or in the field, NRG Systems has a set of values and a clear vision for the future sustainability of our planet. NRG’s employees and management team are proud to take part in projects that will have a long-lasting and profound effect on our planet and its inhabitants.

Forging a path of sustainability for our planet’s inhabitants takes a lot of hard work and courage to take on large initiatives. Fulfilling these initiatives need full support from IT experts managing data storage, network infrastructure, and cloud services that facilitate easier collaboration.

“We now have a cleaner and more secure network infrastructure with increased storage space, performance and lower energy usage.”

Chris Wasser, Director of Information Technology, NRG Systems

The Challenge

NRG needed to manage their data more effectively & efficiently using a modern SAN from C2. They needed more available data storage to accommodate their growth and performance requirements. They also launched a new initiative to leverage the cloud for email and other cloud applications, and this required adjustments in management overhead, hardware procurement, and software requirements. Finally, they needed to upgrade hardware in a redesigned network architecture to create a more stable and reliable network environment.

The Solution

From the engineering work we had already performed for NRG, they were keen to work with us again. We deployed their email services in the cloud, a modern backup solution with a more effective recovery process, and designed a less complexed, better performing & efficient network environment. We manage their network to monitor for any anomalies and provide immediate remediation as necessary. NRG now has a cleaner and more secure network infrastructure with increased storage space, increased performance and lower energy usage. A modernized network & infrastructure is resulting in better reliability, stability, and reduced support calls and internal costs.

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