Unifying Product Data to Improve Food and Animal Safety

NEOGEN’s diverse line of products and solutions are dedicated to improving food and animal safety while enhancing the global food supply. Founded in 1982, NEOGEN operates in numerous domestic locations, and internationally in multiple locations, including Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, China, and Australia. 

To fulfill its food and animal safety mission, NEOGEN needed a single source within its product information to streamline its eCommerce operations. C2 helped NEOGEN consolidate data from separate ERP data systems into a single platform that now serves as its enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) system.

“Creating a unified customer experience across all our products and solutions was a primary objective. C2 was a crucial partner in the delivery of our digital transformation.”

Scott Carney, Senior Director of Information Technology, NEOGEN Corporation

The Challenge

As NEOGEN was undergoing strong business growth, its eCommerce site and product databases struggled to keep up. Due to acquisitions and expansion over time, NEOGEN needed to consolidate, unify, and enrich product content from multiple ERP systems to support a new digital experience for its customers. A single platform now acts as a master data source of marketing information to drive future online sales to their eCommerce site and syndicated channels. NEOGEN chose C2 to implement a new PIM system based on C2’s in-depth knowledge and reputation for excellence in PIM, MDM, and software platform implementation.

The Solution

C2 implemented the EnterWorks by Winshuttle PIM/MDM platform and the DAM module for the initial rollout. With EnterWorks PIM in place as the unified product data and consolidated management platform, C2 then integrated NEOGEN’s ERP, PIM, and eCommerce data. The implementation of a central PIM system has cleared the way for NEOGEN to move ahead with expanded eCommerce capabilities across different product lines globally and in multiple languages.

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