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The insurance agents at Hickok & Boardman are known to be amazing and easy to work with according to reviews written by members of the local community. Since 1821, Hickok & Boardman has a rich history of serving the local community in Vermont with their financial, business, and real estate needs.

Hickok & Boardman proactively develops long-term relationships with employers and individuals. To continue serving the local community, Hickok & Boardman chose C2 for their expertise in disaster recovery planning, network infrastructure, and managed IT services.

“C2’s solid team of engineers delivered the right IT solutions at the right time. We can now rest easy knowing that additional security safeguards are in place to meet our strict industry regulations.”

Chris Heidelberg, Information Systems Manager, Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group

The Challenge

Not only did Hickok & Boardman need to replace outdated hardware within a year, but they also needed a robust backup and disaster recovery plan. Hickok & Boardman also wanted to increase security and reliability using a hyperconverged platform integrated into their network with support for a new IP-based phone system. C2 had all the required expertise to help Hickok & Boardman manage their IT without hiring additional staff.

The Solution

Our team not only delivered all the solutions Hickok & Boardman wanted, but also the right IT management leadership that they were not getting prior to our engagement. All new technologies have been upgraded, including the transition to Windows 10, with additional security for their particular insurance regulations. C2 currently does ad-hoc support for various projects and value-added work with their in-house team as well as budgeting for annual IT spend.

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