Growing Recreational Club Enhances IT Security for All Visitors

Beginning in the early 1970s, The Quechee Club has had a rich history as it built a community around recreation activities such as golfing, skiing, tennis, swimming, and even trout fishing. The club has undergone several renovations, including a new golf course after the floods from Hurricane Irene.

As The Quechee Club community grew and expanded its recreational activities, their IT needs also grew. Managing their growing assets and handling larger numbers of visitors required the club to scale their IT operations while maintaining optimum cybersecurity to prevent any breaches.

“Thanks to C2’s IT expertise and holistic approach, we realized an immediate elimination of system outages and security breaches.”

Gina Beaty, Membership Director, The Quechee Club

The Challenge

After encountering challenges with security and uptime, the Quechee Club pursued IT initiatives such as improving security, expanding their networks, and ensuring high availability. One of their goals was to better serve their community members by addressing all cybersecurity vulnerabilities to ensure that no breaches would occur, even as they expanded their wireless networks to accommodate large events. They engaged C2 to create a secure environment with high uptime to support cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) systems.

The Solution

The Quechee Club chose C2 due to their in-depth knowledge of their infrastructure from prior engagements. C2 used an all-inclusive approach to monitor network security 24/7/365. C2’s Vigilant24™ Essentials with Desktop Light support product enables C2 to support The Quechee Club’s in-house IT staff. Other projects included hardware updates and expanding wireless connectivity throughout their golf courses and ski areas. The immediate impact on the club was the elimination of system outages and security breaches.

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