Achieving Better Health Outcomes with a Unified Cloud Platform

WCMHS advocates the inclusion of everyone into our communities and actively encourages self-determination and recovery. In March 2018, WCMHS was named a Center of Excellence (COE) by Vermont Care Partners due to excellence in five areas: easy access to services, customer service, comprehensive care, outcomes, and value.

To help WCMHS achieve utmost excellence in the State of Vermont, C2 worked with WCMHS on their digital transformation journey. This entailed modernization of their IT infrastructure and creation of a unified cloud platform that helped clinicians deliver quality care faster in order to improve patient outcomes.

“After modernizing our IT infrastructure and moving to a new unified cloud platform and moving miles down the road of the digital transformation journey, we have enjoyed a more stable network and a mobile workforce. The solution C2 implemented allowed WCMHS to deploy telehealth securely and overnight when COVID-19 hit Vermont resulting in a seamless continuation of services to our clients.”

Scott Adams, IT Manager, WCMHS

The Challenge

In need of a significant IT overhaul, WCMHS lacked mobility, scalability, and equipment standardization. To support their clients, remain compliant with new regulations, and to handle increasing demands for services and flexibility, WCMHS needed to modernize their IT infrastructure, network, hardware, and software. WCMHS also wanted a remote and mobile workforce to better support the community while increasing productivity within a consolidated computing environment. C2 and WCMHS worked together on their digital transformation journey.

The Solution

We took a methodical approach in helping them achieve their business goals, while demonstrating new approaches to hardware and software purchasing without budget overages. Leveraging hybrid secure wireless and wired networks, private and public cloud integrations, enterprise scalability with software defined architectures and hyperconverged technologies. Nearly 100% virtualization of the server and desktop environments was also achieved. The end result was a best-of-breed solution that was modern, agile, and resilient. Clinicians can now see more patients per week and deliver new services in new ways, resulting in higher ROI and improved patient care.

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