Milwaukee Tool PIM Webinar Draws Diverse Group of Attendees

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Last week, C2 hosted a webinar with Milwaukee Tool to educate attendees on the ins and outs of Product Information Management (PIM). The event was well attended with B2B professionals eager to learn more about leveraging PIM for greater success in their respective businesses.

Titled “Driving PIM Success with Product Information Excellence,” the webinar was moderated by C2’s Tom Williams and featured panelists Rob Stowell, C2’s Digital Transformation Leader, and Marcus Monch, Director of Brand Marketing for Milwaukee Tool. Organized into three progressive sections (PIM 101, PIM 102 and PIM in the Real World), the session was designed to create a level field so professionals of every range of PIM experience could gain insight from the presentation.

With an ever-increasing number of consumers seeking product information from a variety of sources before making a purchase, businesses today face a unique challenge in presenting a consistent product narrative across all their content channels. Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves piece-mealing inconsistent product data across their systems, resulting in inefficient and incomplete information, and ultimately, lost sales. An effective PIM system solves these challenges by creating a platform to make product content more uniform and consistent, building better brand awareness and loyalty in the process. The collaboration between a solution-driven tech company and a long-established tool manufacturer proved highly useful in driving these points home to attendees.

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