Late Summer Visit With Chris From inRiver PIM

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Chris Robinson from inRiver PIM visited our offices last week to discuss their solutions and how their offering aligns with our mission to help B2B companies reduce costs and accelerate revenues. And no better way to unwind after a day of meetings than spending a beautiful Vermont evening outdoors enjoying craft beer and local fare!

But I digress. For those of you new to the term “PIM,” it stands for Product Information Management. Simply put, the inRiver solution consumes product data, allows enhancement/manipulation in the GUI and then publishes to everything from print to email to web. A robust PIM solution like inRiver’s can drive out costs, streamline your processes and ensure brand consistency, just to name a few.

So how does inRiver PIM play into our eBusiness strategy? A great question with an easy answer: Their offering fits directly into our eBusiness solutions for customers selling many SKUs online or managing a lot of product data (such as a branded manufacturer who uses distributors as a primary sales channel).

At C2, we take our partnerships seriously. We don’t sign up a ton of partners and then hold our hands out for business opportunities. Instead, we take a careful look at our technology partnerships and compose a shortlist of best-of-breed partners that will add the most value to our customers. We then dig deep on the technologies so that we understand them inside and out and are best positioned to help our clients implement, configure, customize, integrate and optimize.

If you’re struggling with product data or thinking about getting into eCommerce and not sure how to make the jump, please reach out and we’d be happy to have a conversation to explore your unique needs.

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