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C2 SeniorHetal Dave Software Engineer Hetal Dave has been awarded the prestigious Ucommerce MVP for 2017-18. She was one of only three U.S.-based recipients of the award, which were announced late last week.

Ucommerce is a feature-rich eCommerce platform designed for small and mid-size companies. The Ucommerce MVP awards are awarded annually to thought leaders who consistently push their platform forward and provide value.

For Ucommerce officials handing out the award, Hetal was a no-brainer: She has a reputation for creativity and drive. She has spent more than a decade working with eCommerce solutions, and she has been a source of “continuous support and belief in the platform,” as the MVP nomination states.

We here at C2 certainly weren’t surprised by the honor.

Hetal has been one of the bedrocks of our company since she joined us in 2007 as a software engineer. Since then, she’s been promoted to Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead, and she acts as Sitecore lead, and handles eCommerce and technical/solution design and architecture needs for our clients.

In addition to her accomplishments with Ucommerce, Hetal has taken time to volunteer at Girl Develop It, a Burlington, Vermont, nonprofit that offers software and computer training to women in addition to numerous speaking engagements and support of tech events and initiatives in our community.

Although Hetal’s bringing the MVP honor to the United States—and Vermont, specifically—her credentials and accomplishments are international in scope: Hetal obtained a diploma in Civil Engineering from Government Polytechnic in Ahmedabad, India, and she has a Master’s of Science from RIMS in London.

The Ucommerce MVP award is well-earned and much deserved, and we are thrilled to congratulate Hetal on this honor.

In her typical gracious style, Hetal remarked: “I’m honored and humbled to have been chosen to receive the Ucommerce MVP award. I’d like to thank the Ucommerce team for their support with my questions and working with me as a team, as well as my team at C2 for their support and encouragement–this award would not have been possible without them. I’ve enjoyed working with CMS and eCommerce platforms over the years and it feels great to be recognized. I look forward to working on more exciting and challenging projects in the years ahead.”


C2’s mission is to create something special for our clients. People like Hetal make that possible—and worthwhile.

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