Feature-Rich Platform Designed for Small and Mid-Size Companies

Ucommerce is a feature-rich eCommerce platform designed for small and mid-size companies. It offers intuitive administration coupled with a powerful marketing toolset, enabling you to maintain and grow your business. Ucommerce natively supports the latest eCommerce functionality including discounts, promotions and coupon codes.

Ucommerce has pre-built and rigorously maintained connectors into Umbraco and Sitecore for a robust CMS + Commerce solution. It’s also highly extensible, offering full integration with a variety of ERP back office systems via their Uconnector solution.

About Ucommerce

Deployed in more than 10 countries worldwide and powering hundreds of production sites, Ucommerce is designed to grow with your business by offering products uniquely matched to your business requirements. The Ucommerce offering includes a feature-rich eCommerce platform with intuitive administration interfaces built on a powerful marketing foundation. Ucommerce offers full integration with ERP-systems via Uconnector.  

To learn more, visit www.ucommerce.net.

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