B2B Content and Commerce Executive Breakfast

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C2, Insite Software, and Sitecore recently joined forces to conduct an Executive Panel Event. The breakfast session brought together leaders from regional organizations to discuss digital challenges and strategies for B2B organizations. SMB to enterprise organizations were represented at the exclusive event held at the Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, MA.

The panel consisted of Lars Birkholm Petersen, Global Director, Business Optimization Services, Sitecore; Tom Williams, VP of eBusiness, C2; and Brian Strogny, EVP and Co-founder, Insite Software. The panel fielded a wide range of questions around digital strategy and execution such as:

• How do I engage my traditional organization in the digital discussion?
• How do we start to build a holistic digital roadmap?
• What is critical to every digital roadmap regardless of organization or vertical?
• What are today’s B2B buyers really looking for?
• What role does mobile play?

The engaging discussion answered many questions, posed others and left the participants with new perspective around the digital challenges. A key takeaway is that it’s essential to start now. As the shift to digital commerce and digital content consumption permeates the B2B buyer community, organizations can’t afford to wait to start the process. They need to take a critical look at their infrastructure, process and personas and act now to remain relevant.

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