Streamlining the Buying Experience With C2 and Ucommerce

Ucommerce is a light weight, powerful and cost effective commerce engine that easily integrates with a variety of Content Management Solutions. Not only does Ucommerce make the commerce experience easier to manage, but also provides stellar support to clients. You will love how Ucommerce integrates with its WCMS partners, meaning you only need to login to your web console in order to manage both your website and your Commerce engine.

Powering eCommerce Sites With Our Ucommerce Partnership

We have several software engineers at C2 who are Ucommerce certified. C2 also partners with Sitecore and Sitefinity, and we have built a robust Data Migration Tool called the “Data Dozer” that expedites the migration process from Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce. C2 has partnered with Ucommerce since 2015 to create some of the fast websites with easy user experience. With our partnership, C2 created highly responsive eCommerce sites for clients, reducing abandoned carts and increasing sales revenue.

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