Arctic Wolf for Cybersecurity Solutions

By pairing the intelligence of Arctic Wolf’s cloud-native platform with the expert insight of their Concierge Security team, you get personal, predictable protection against emerging threats and continuous improvement of your cybersecurity posture.

Managed Network Threat Detection and Response

Dedicated security analysts monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats before they impact your business. The Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution is anchored by a dedicated Concierge Security team who monitors your network 24×7, handles log aggregation and correlation, actively hunts for threats, and provides custom alerts and reports when cyberattacks occur.

The Arctic Wolf Managed Risk solution helps your organization reduce its attack surface by identifying vulnerabilities within your network on a continuous basis.

  • Dedicated Concierge Security Team to monitor your internal and external networks, devices, and people 24×7
  • Custom alerts, response management, and in-depth reporting analytics
  • Predictable subscription payments with no upfront costs
  • Compliance reporting and management
  • Cloud monitoring (Microsoft 365, G Suite, Box, Salesforce, AWS, Azure)

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