Making C2 – Competitive Computing Proud(er)

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Erica Ferland & Cady Goudreau

Two exceptional C2 Team Members

Making C2 Competitive Computing Proud(er)

Selected for Leadership Champlain Class of 2022

We are very excited to share that Erica Ferland, ESG Professional Services Sr. Systems Engineer, and Cady Goudreau, Corporate Sales Operations Manager, have been selected for the Leadership Champlain Class of 2022.

Leadership Champlain selects a small (35) select group of talented leaders to participate in a professional development and community engagement program every year. The Lake Champlain Chamber conducts this program as part of their mission to foster growth and leadership in professionals who will serve our community now and in the future.

Program objectives are to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to become civically engaged; to facilitate discussion around a wide breadth of topics amongst a diversity of perspectives; and to engage in reflective and collaborative activities surrounding these topics. Graduates of the program will leave steeped in knowledge about the biggest issues our community faces, inspired to get involved where they are interested, and connected to the right leaders to make a change.

Like Erica and Cady, ideal applicants exhibit leadership potential; demonstrate strong interests in our community; aspire to use their leadership skills in service for the long-term benefit of the community; have the potential for impacting change; and are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program.

The selection of one member of our team is worth celebrating – we have two!  Well done Erica Ferland and Cady Goudreau – thank you for making C2 proud(er)!

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