New Webinar: C2 & Snowflake, The Cloud Data Platform

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Last week we formally kicked off our Snowflake partnership with a fresh webinar. Did you know Snowflake has emerged as the fastest-growing business in the cloud category?

Snowflake has taken the market by storm, empowering companies to take advantage of cloud-centric economics while boosting productivity and efficiency within their workforces.

Click here to discover how:

  • Companies can increase business insights from their data, while reducing TCO over their business intelligence systems – decreasing time to value (TtV) by 243%
  • Data pipelines can be cost-effectively integrated from multiple sources and formats into a unified data platform
  • Organizations can connect the dots between their transactional and master data enterprises on-premise and via cloud-hosted (PaaS/SaaS) applications
  • Master Data Management (MDM) can drive product data quality improvements by increasing customer 360
  • Companies are rethinking and transforming their data engineering, data ecosystem, and data science teams using Snowflake’s elastic performance

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