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C2 loves welcoming fresh talent to our ever-growing roster of tech experts. Which is why we are so excited about our annual summer internship program. At C2, we recruit New England’s best college students, to provide them with paid on-the-job training as they develop the advanced skills they’ll need tomorrow, today.

This year, our intern class includes Trent Thorkildsen, Junior at the Champlain College studying computer networking and cyber security and Colin Fitzgerald, graduate of Saint Michael’s College with a major in anthropology/sociology and economics.

Trent Thorkildsen, IT intern

Trent is currently a student at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He is majoring in computer networking and cyber security. He has been on the dean’s list his freshman through junior years, and he is a member of the college’s e-sports team. He says he got his start in tech because of “a fascination of computers and how they work/communicate with each other.”

In addition to his studies, Trent has worked as an IT intern at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation in Burlington, where he gained practical experience in a real-world, hands-on setting while applying knowledge learned from his coursework. He has also worked on the maintenance crew at Grafton Lakes State Park in Cropseyville, New York, where he gained leadership experience training new employees and delegating work assignments.

In his new role at C2, Trent says he is excited to have “the ability to learn from industry professionals and work with technology I usually don’t have access to.” Trent describes himself as a hard worker who always puts forth his best effort. When he’s not studying or honing his tech prowess, Trent enjoys playing video games and watching movies with friends.

Colin Fitzgerald, PC Helpdesk Support intern

Colin is a recent graduate of Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. He earned a double major in anthropology/sociology and economics. While a student at Saint Michael’s College, Colin studied social and economic trends and learned how to apply them to marketing and promotion, and he completed an academic study trip to Itacare, Brazil in 2016.

In addition to his studies, Colin has worked as a student lead in the Saint Michael’s College IT department, where he developed documentation for all processes, set up technology for applied linguistics testing, and provided excellent customer service to students and staff. He has also worked as an academic affairs intern at Saint Michael’s, where he assisted first-year students and their parents with paperwork and documentation.

In his new role at C2, Colin says he looks forward to utilizing his “writing and analytical skills in a position that will allow me to learn and grow. Using my technology and presentation skills to synthesize information is a strength.” When he’s not working toward his bright future, Colin enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, exploring Lake Champlain, and volunteering.

Welcome to the team, Trent & Colin!

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