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It may be hard to believe, but did you know that the largest web content experience platforms and eCommerce platforms are actually custom built? In fact, the number of “custom developed” sites actually dwarf the next largest platforms. With any sizable implementation of a web experience platform, eCommerce platform, or production information system, making the pixels come to life requires a significant amount of custom development and integration.

This is where C2 stands apart from many of our competitors. The truth is we are so different that we don’t refer to ourselves as an “agency.” Instead, we have found that Web Engineering Consulting Firm comes closer to the mark of describing what we provide.

A Thoughtful Approach

In our experience, it seems all too easy to just "slap some lipstick on the pig” to get a website that may look good but is held together with nothing more than duct tape and bailing wire—digitally speaking. Our in-house developed solutions—whether platform-based or full custom builds—are constructed by seasoned .NET engineers adhering to the best practices and clean coding standards that exist.

The result? When we build code for you, it works…really, really well.

We know this careful attention to every project is why we have one of the lowest customer attrition rates in the consulting world—our customers love us! With this kind of history, we don’t measure our customer relationships in months or years; we measure in decades. And in business, bad work simply can’t boast relationships that last that kind of time.

A Legacy of Successful Customization

When it comes to the .NET development projects that we’ve been able to customize for clients over the years, a few favorites come to mind:

  • Fully Custom eCommerce (circa 1996)
  • Endless Aisle (an in-store retail innovation)
  • Variability Reduction (for manufacturers)
  • Conference Applications
  • Robust Integrations with ERP, CRM, MDM, PIM, Payment Providers, WCMS, eCommerce...and the list goes on.

Is it time for you to update the eCommerce side of your business? Consider the custom approach that C2 offers. It could just make decades of difference. 


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