PIM Master Data Management

Master Data Management

The Amazon effect has driven a significant change in behavior for prospects and customers alike. Customers want easy-to-find and navigable information to inform the decision-making process. This evolution has shifted the expectation of what digital offers; instead of focusing on the depth of available information, user experience is now your differentiator.

At C2, we believe this migration from the word “content” to “experience” is not just semantics or buzzwords, rather it defines our customers’ expectations: A new ideology representing how information on the internet is evolving. We have moved from simply presenting “content” to providing customers with a relevant “experience.” For our clients, this involves understanding how to improve the way they present relevant information to users.

Organizations must consider the following when improving methodologies and systems by which content is delivered:

  • Taxonomy and hierarchy design for data sets aligned to customer expectation
  • Systems by which data is acquisitioned, centralized, enriched, presented and analyzed to inform business value
  • Technology and IT infrastructure modernization to enable data acquisition and data security
  • Channel enablement and marketplace expansion efforts aligned to an organizational business objective
  • Aligning experience design initiative to data driven key performance indicators to best inform future decisions and investments in user experience

We’ve been successfully partnering with our clients for over 25 years to deliver engaging customer experiences. Let us help maximize your organization structure and present your digital assets for a truly rich and meaningful, any-device customer experience.


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