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In today’s digital world where product catalogs have been replaced with web-enabled information and phone calls with self-service research and eCommerce, all business is becoming eBusiness. Whether you're selling nuts and bolts or highly configurable parts and products, you have entered into the eBusiness world and you are riding one of the biggest waves in B2B history.

C2’s eBusiness team has a 25+ year history of delivering best-in-class digital platforms and business-driven strategies to enable our clients to remain competitive and relevant. Let our team help you build and execute award-winning digital experiences for your customers.

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eBusiness Solutions

As the ubiquity of the internet grows, eCommerce for B2B is becoming increasingly important. Analysts predict that the global B2B eCommerce market will reach 6.7 trillion USD by 2020. Whether you manufacture, sell, or distribute individual products, parts, or complex machines, the ability to direct your business through eCommerce channels is critical.
Custom Web Development
It may be hard to believe, but did you know that the largest web content experience platforms and eCommerce platforms are actually custom built? In fact, the number of “custom developed” sites actually dwarf the next largest platforms. With any sizable implementation of a web experience platform, eCommerce platform, or production information system, making the pixels come to life requires a significant amount of custom development and integration.
Customer analytics has evolved beyond predictive analytics and customer segmentation. Statistical analysis, forecasting, and predictive modeling have expanded upon traditional BI solution to answer "What will happen?" given certain business situations. We give you the tools, processes, and strategy to achieve accuracy in customer analytics allowing you to meet your customers' expectation, reduce costs, and improve operations.
Master Data Management
The Amazon effect has driven a significant change in behavior for prospects and customers alike. Customers want easy-to-find and navigable information to inform the decision-making process. This evolution has shifted the expectation of what digital offers; instead of focusing on the depth of available information, user experience is now your differentiator.
When it comes to product information and master data initiatives, organizations face difficult consideration aligning business objectives to technologies that meet and enhance their data governance processes. With the expansion of viable solutions in the marketplace, making the right choice becomes tedious and requires growing resource investment to ensure successful deployment and ROI.

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