Simplify Your Backups and Recovery

We use software-defined and cloud-agnostic solutions from Veeam to provide a single management console to handle your backup and recovery needs. Veeam’s backup solution protects both data and applications in any cloud, virtual or physical environment including VMware, AWS, Azure and more. Using Veeam’s console, C2 manages intelligent backups, replication and recovery of your applications. No vendor lock-in, no more legacy solutions, and no more doubt that your data is safe.

As a Veeam Partner, we protect your data with reliable backup and
recovery solutions.

Backing up your data should not have to be a time-consuming chore without full certainty that your data can be restored successfully. We partner with Veeam to ensure your data and applications are 100% safe, allowing you to focus on your core business initiatives while driving down IT costs.

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