Snowflake: The Only Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud

C2's partnership with Snowflake enables our clients to leverage a cloud data platform that supports a multi-cloud strategy, including a cross-cloud approach to mix and match clouds. Snowflake is available globally on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With a common and interchangeable code base, Snowflake delivers advantages such as global data replication enabling data to be moved to any cloud in any region without having to re-code applications or learn new skills. Snowflake eliminates the need for lengthy and often labor intensive extract, transform, and load processes by making data easily accessible for internal and external partners via data sharing and Snowflake Secure Data Sharing.

About Snowflake

Snowflake’s cloud data platform shatters the barriers that have prevented organizations of all sizes from unleashing the true value from their data. More than 2,000 customers deploy Snowflake to advance their businesses beyond what was once possible by deriving all the insights from all their data by all their business users. Snowflake equips organizations with a single, integrated platform that offers the only data warehouse built for the cloud; instant, secure and governed access to their entire network of data; and a core architecture to enable many types of data workloads, including a single platform for developing modern data applications. Snowflake: Data without limits. 

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