Expand Revenues with PIM and Product Syndication

Salsify and C2 work together to help customers win with Product Information Management (PIM), Product Syndication, Data Quality and Data Governance. In a multi-channel digital world, it’s important to get your products onto many digital shelves (channels). No one makes this easier than Salsify.

Salsify + Alkemics push the envelope to a Commerce Experience Management Platform known as CommerceXM

Salsify’s 2021 acquisition of Alkemics created the only data of record platform that continuously adapts to the needs of brands for winning product experiences on the digital shelf. Delivering buyer-centric, frictionless commerce experiences across the digital shelf necessitates that brands and distributors revamp their operating models for a digital-first world and collaboratively execute to deliver commerce experiences everywhere their consumers are, with speed and scale.

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