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Accelerating B2B Digital Commerce for Manufacturers and Distributors

Strategic focus on serving the unique and complex needs of today’s most demanding B2B solutions for manufacturers and distributors is a cornerstone of the tremendous success being experienced by InsiteCommerce. While many platforms focus on the more visible B2C space and treat B2B as an extension, Insite is solidly centered on B2B and, more specifically, the acceleration of the front-end development and integration requirements of B2B platforms. It is also highly capable of extending into the B2C space on that core foundation.

Through the use of an extensive Insite template library, C2 can drive some of the most complex user-experiences in a fraction of the time required to build them out in a more conventional development framework. The other complex aspect of most large-scale B2B projects is the integration to systems inside and outside of our client’s eco-system. C2’s skilled team of engineers can readily leverage Insite's native integration mapping engine to deliver extraordinary results and maintainability with considerably less effort than historically required.

About Insite Software

Insite Software is the leading eCommerce and shipping platform provider for manufacturers and distributors requiring business-to-business (B2B), direct to consumer (B2C), and mobile solutions. Approaching 1,000 customers globally, Insite is used by many leading companies for end-to-end eCommerce across their dealers, franchisers, stores, contractors, buyers, consumers and others. Many of Insite’s customers also leverage InsiteShip, which is an internationally enabled supply chain shipping solution used to gain efficiencies in shipping and delivery of products. Both enterprise offerings are fully integrated with leading ERPs, content management and many other software-as-a-solution platforms.

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