Cybersecurity Simplified

Cybersecurity can be complicated, as a topic and as a tool. We know you won’t use something you don’t understand so we’re laser-focused on making things as simple as possible. Defendify has vetted vendors, products, and services to bring everything together, clearly and comfortably, in one place, online.

Multiple layers, not just a single layer

Most breaches and incidents are due to human error. Technology is an important part of cybersecurity, but not a silver bullet.

Effective cybersecurity is:

  • Building a cyber-solid foundation
  • Cultivating a cyber-smart culture
  • Using cyber-strong technology

Cybersecurity products and services often come with a hefty price tag. That’s because they’re built for big business and big budgets. We built Defendify for smaller business and smaller budgets. We use a tiered pricing model that only scales up as your business does.

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