Using Agile to Deliver New Products and Services While Improving User Experience

For over 45 years, HRCI has been a leader among credentialing and learning organizations for human resources. HRCI offers world-class on-demand learning and training programs through eight globally-certified certification courses, helping HR professionals refresh existing skills and gain new ones.

HRCI is the largest HR certifying body in the world and has certified over 500,000 professionals since its inception. Over 93% of Fortune 500 companies employ HRCI certification holders.

“It came through very clearly that C2 had the creative mindset to be the strategic partner we were looking for to help us drive our technology strategy.”

Chris Scandlen, Chief Information Officer, HRCI

The Challenge

HRCI sought a technology partner to help deliver innovative solutions to their customers, faster. The HRCI team wanted software delivery practices, tools, environments, and capabilities that would enable them to quickly adapt to customers’ needs and dynamic business priorities. HRCI desired a partner who could see around corners and help implement technology roadmaps, while easily integrating into HRCI’s existing teams and culture. In short, a bold, flexible, strategic partner that delivers value.

The Solution

C2 provided HRCI with in-depth knowledge and best practices drawn from prior experience so that they could see how we think about digital transformation projects at C2. Our engineers worked closely with theirs to deliver features across HRCI’s website, certification portal and learning platform, including gathering requirements, UX design, architecture planning, development, and testing.  We used the agile method to modernize HRCI’s user experience through a new website, certification portal and learning platform features; simplify CI/CD to bring deployment down to one button click; and set up Team channels and Azure DevOps boards to streamline change management communication and planning. These actions enabled HRCI to bring new and more products, services, and experiences to market.

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