Improving Network Infrastructure to Support Identity Management

As small satellite missions grow in numbers and popularity, Benchmark Space Systems has stepped up efforts to provide safe and reliable propulsion systems to their customers. Their technology includes on-demand pressurization systems (ODPS) that use non-toxic bipropellant as fuel and efficient hypergolic micromixing techniques.

As a lean organization, Benchmark Space Systems uses several SaaS applications to operate their business. While these applications have met their needs, they also needed a scalable network infrastructure to provide secure identity authentication for their users. To build this, they approached C2 to collaborate on their infrastructure initiative.

“Not only did C2 methodically work through a phased approach for our project, but they transferred critical knowledge to our team. The end result allowed us to manage network users, and onboard/offboard employees four times faster.”

Ryan McDevitt, President, Benchmark Space Systems

The Challenge

With increasing popularity of small satellite missions and the growing number of environmentally-conscious clients, Benchmark Space Systems had no shortage of business. However, their growth quickly outpaced their underlying IT infrastructure. So they turned to cloud-based SaaS applications that met their needs for a while. However, they needed more efficient user authentication and employee onboarding processes. They partnered with C2 to build a secure infrastructure to address their growing identity and access management needs.

The Solution

Through a collaborative discovery and planning approach, C2 provided a set of recommendations on how to implement the network infrastructure with improved security and scalability. Not only did Benchmark Space Systems and C2 methodically work through a phased approach, but C2 also transferred knowledge to the Benchmark team on how to operate their network themselves. The end result allowed Benchmark Space Systems to manage network users, onboard and offboard employees four times faster than previously.

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