Welcome Scott Lewis, Associate Developer

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We’re delighted to announce that Scott Lewis has joined us as Associate Developer.

For the past five years, Scott has been working in software development for iOS devices, often as a consultant. Included in his background is work as a game coder for Vogelsap, a Dutch indie game company, and his five years as a Mobile Software Engineer for Empower Mobility. Not only has he been busy coding the next generation of games, Scott has also been building the next generation of game-coders; he’s also been an Adjunct Professor of Game Programming at Champlain College.

Scott holds an A.S. from the Community College of Vermont and a B.S. from The University of Advancing Technology’s Advance Gaming program, in Tempe, Arizona.

Scott was interested in working for a company that develops custom solutions with diverse clients. Said Scott, “The skillset needed is much broader, and by extension, challenging, which is the sort of environment I was looking for.” And in addition to his development expertise, we’re also inspired by his approach to persistence and grit. Scott’s known for being cool under pressure, even as he’s putting in the extra effort to get the job done. He credits his approach to a friend who long ago introduced him to the word “Effortry.” As Scott explained it, “‘Effortry’ is ‘Effort-Try.’ And the idea is that, if you try just a little harder than you think that most people would, it’s surprising how that one little bit can go a long way towards creating something special.”

C2’s mission is to create something special for our clients, so we know that Scott will be a terrific asset to our team.

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