VT Governor Highlights Growing Importance of Tech in Schools

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Here at C2, we see the power of technology in action every day. That’s why we are delighted that Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, Education Secretary Dan French, and multiple tech sector employers have deemed Jan. 30 “Make Computer Science Count Day” in Vermont.

The benefits of computer science to students living in an increasingly digital world are clear, with technology an essential tool for collaboration and success in most careers. Yet Vermont is one of a handful of states that doesn’t require school districts to count high school computer science classes toward math or science credit.

With this recent proclamation highlighting the growing importance of computer science classes in Vermont schools, tech leaders are hoping to change that, a move that will benefit both students and employers looking for tech-savvy employees.

“The benefits are clear,” Gov. Scott said. “STEM and computer science programs not only prepare our students for the workforce but also encourage students to follow through on their education by providing exciting and valuable learning opportunities. Our goal is to make more of these learning opportunities available to students across the state.”

C2’s CEO Marty Thieret attended the press conference where Gov. Scott signed the proclamation.

“We’re thrilled the governor recognizes the importance of computer science education for the youngest generation of Vermonters,” Thieret said. “As a growing Vermont company, we look for candidates with a deep passion for technology and a drive to be at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry. We’re committed to working together to invest in and grow our workforce to attract and retain talent in Vermont.”

In Vermont, the demand for computer science jobs is high, with more than 500 positions currently open. According to the Vermont Department of Labor, the state’s tech sector workers earn roughly 67 percent above the average wage for all occupations.

We’re proud to be on the forefront of the industry’s growth and look forward to working with the next generation of tech geniuses who will benefit from an increased focus on computer science education in Vermont schools.

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