Migrating from Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce | C2 builds the Datadozer

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If you are a Sitefinity Commerce customer, you likely know that Progress Sitefinity has decided to no longer invest in Sitefinity Commerce, focusing instead on their world-class Web Content Management Platform (WCMS). Instead, Sitefinity is partnering with two best-in-class eCommerce companies – Ucommerce and ROC Commerce – as fully integrated eCommerce solutions that will work seamlessly with the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS).

Since C2 is a partner with Sitefinity and a Certified Solution Partner with Ucommerce, we were excited to jump in and help with the Ucommerce + Sitefinity initiative. After introducing Ucommerce to Sitefinity a year ago, C2 met with the C-level team at Ucommerce and committed C2 development resources to design and begin building a data migration tool that we’ve affectionately named Datadozer™.

As anyone who has gone through an eCommerce platform transition or migration will tell you, a big part of the time, effort, and expense of this type of initiative is migrating data from one system to the next.

The devil is always in the data. It’s the part of any migration or re-platform project that is overlooked during planning, and the part that bites you when you’re halfway through the project. We’re excited to have partnered with Ucommerce and Sitefinity to create Datadozer™ and automate much of this work effort. The end result will be faster migration timelines and lower risk for Sitefinity and Ucommerce customers.

Although still in beta, Datadozer™ already migrates the following elements from Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce:

– Single Site Catalog
– Allowable Currencies
– Departments (called categories in Ucommerce)
– Parent/Child Relationships in Departments to the nth Level
– Product Types and Definitions
– Products
– Product Relationships to Product Types & Definitions
– Product Relationships to Categories
– Product Variants
– Custom Attributes on Product Types or Definitions
– Product Pricing

The Datadozer™ has already gained popularity in the Ucommerce development partner community and C2 is working with other Ucommerce and Sitefinity partners to test the strength of the migration tool.

Contact us if you are a Sitefinity Commerce customer, or a Sitefinity or Ucommerce development partner for more information about the Datadozer™ Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce data migration tool. We would be happy to share more about what we have done and how you can benefit.

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