How to Provide a Content-Rich B2B Customer Experience

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It used to be that to build interest in something digital you could simply slap an “e” on the front of it. But, in the case of digital product information there is much more than meets the eye. With fewer than 10% of B2B purchasing transactions being conducted online, there is room for growth and revenue, which means manufacturers and distributors need to pay close attention to their online customer experience.

Your B2B Product Page Must Speak to a Diverse Audience

While engineers may be looking for specifications and product diagrams, procurement staff may be more interested in pricing and volume discounts. Because of these varying audiences, B2B product pages must meet the unique needs of your buyers in an intuitive way. Providing a content-rich, user-friendly eCommerce page for your products will not only yield higher brand visibility but can also remove obstacles to completing transactions on your site.

Building a Better B2B Product Page is Within Reach

B2B and B2C product pages have many similarities – they need to appeal to the customer through visuals and helpful information, as well as through search engine-optimized content. They also must inform the buyer, providing accurate and easy-to-find information the moment it is needed. And most importantly, your page must help convert searches into purchases.

9 Tips for Building a Compelling B2B Product Page

In conjunction with inRiver, C2 has published a white paper that addresses the unique approach that B2B enterprises need to take when building their online commerce experience. Although some best practices can be gleaned from what B2C retailers have built over the past two decades, many tools and techniques are unique to the B2B enterprise.

For a deeper dive into how to leverage best practices around displaying your B2B products online, download our white paper, 9 Tips for Building a Compelling B2B Product Page. Let us know how we can help you provide a great eCommerce experience for your customers through excellent product information.

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