Pizza and Splunk Recap

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Last week C2 hosted a Splunk & Pizza webinar that gave attendees a chance to have a lunch on us and learn about how Splunk can help users make sense of machine data within their organization.

Splunk is a leader in Security Information and Event Management with a goal of making data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. It does this by reading and combining data from multiple sources, allowing users the ability to make informed decisions for their organizations.

Frank Lyles, Splunk Sales Engineer, walked attendees through the overarching approach Splunk takes to achieve operational intelligence, and through real life use cases. One such use case was Home Depot who used Splunk to take care of their enterprise application system reporting. Making this move allowed them to have real-time visibility across over 1200 applications and reduce their troubleshooting for severity 1 & 2 issues by 43%.

If you would like to see out what you missed, we did record the webinar. While we unfortunately cannot send you a pizza to watch it, we invite you to check it out here:

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