Dell EMC World Roadshow Recap

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Since returning from the first annual Dell EMC World in Austin, Texas last month, our heads have been spinning from the wealth of annoucements and sessions on software, hardware and business strategy we were fortuate to witness. This first major event of the now-joined tech powerhouses left us bursting at the seams with insights and information we couldn’t wait to share with all of you.

So yesterday we gathered at Burlington Country Club for lunch joined by experts from Dell EMC for a through debrief on what exactly went down at this landmark event. It was almost as good as being at Dell EMC World in person, less the travel expenses and overindulgence of Texas BBQ!

Five major themes from Dell EMC World were explored at the session:

  1. Hyper-converged infrastructure
  2. Cloud
  3. Analytics
  4. Flash
  5. Security

From Michael Dell’s vision for the future of tech to how the combination of Dell and EMC will help customers of any size with the essential infrastructure to moderize IT and enable digital business, to exploring the factors that contribute to innovation and innovation in practice – be sure to check out our on demand session for everything you need to know.

Dell EMC Nov 15 Presentation

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