Datadozer streamlines data migration for Sitefinity Commerce customers

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It’s no secret that Progress Sitefinity has stopped investing in their Sitefinity Commerce platform. Although it remains supported at this time, current customers must begin thinking about a strategy to migrate from Sitefinity Commerce to another commerce platform. The more time that passes, the more urgent that decision will become.

C2 has been helping organizations implement and re-platform eCommerce solutions since 1996, and we know that a big part of any re-platform is moving data from the old to the new system. Unfortunately, it’s this data migration that is usually pushed off until the eleventh hour and can add a lot of time, expense, and pain; not to mention pushing out go-live dates.

To help the Progress Sitefinity Commerce community, C2 wrote a data migration tool called the Datadozer, affectionately named for its help “bulldozing” Sitefinity Commerce Data into the robust Ucommerce Platform. Leveraging the Uconnector integration framework created by Ucommerce, C2’s Datadozer is a Windows command-line application that migrates the commerce catalog and related data from Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce. Though some customizations may be needed to meet the needs of an instance-specific Sitefinity catalog taxonomy, executing the application and migrating common catalog data is simply a matter of applying environment-specific values to a handful of configuration settings and running the application.

With Datadozer, much of the functionality needed to transfer Sitefinity Commerce data to Ucommerce is already available out-of-the-box including department and category data with relationships between:

-Departments and categories
-Product types
-Product variants
-Custom attributes
-Pricing data
-Product and variant inventory
-Culture-specific names and descriptions for categories, products, and variant values

Built using C# and an intuitive Fluent API, functionality can be expanded to include edge case data scenarios as well as entities and properties that fall outside of those currently supported. Datadozer is sure to offer a substantial leg up to any organization looking to migrate Commerce data from Sitefinity Commerce to Ucommerce.

Need a Sitefinity partner? Drop us a line. Already have a Sitefinity partner and want to use the Datadozer tool? Reach out anyway! We’d be happy to talk with you/your partner about how to use the tool.

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