Uh Oh: C2’s Tom Williams Was Just Tossed Off One of Burlington’s Biggest Buildings!

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On September 2, it finally happened. The team at C2 watched helplessly—and, admittedly, with some amusement—as our VP of eBusiness development, Tom Williams, was catapulted off The Courtyard Marriott Harbor Hotel in Burlington.

Okay, not exactly “catapulted.” More like he rappelled down the nine-story building. Voluntarily. But still: why on earth did he do this? Tom, along with 99 other hearty souls, was participating in the Flynn’s “Over The Edge” challenge—a major fundraising event for the performing arts non-profit.

C2 had set a goal of $1,500 for the fundraiser (to “Toss the Boss”), and we’re delighted that we exceeded that amount. We’re also glad Tom made it down safely—despite the scary work of climbing over the hotel’s guardrail, peering into the depths of Lake Champlain far below and trusting in just the mechanical system to protect him. Tom’s athletic prowess (he skis, hikes, climbs and kayaks and beyond) no doubt also helped him. And although it was likely a tad safer than Alex Honnold’s free solo climb of Yosemite’s Half Dome earlier this year, the event still got everyone’s heart beating.

Fun video footage here, if you’re interested! And here’s Tom’s fundraising page.

Why all the drama? Since 1998, C2 has been partnering with the Flynn both from a client and community partner standpoint. We’re passionate advocates for a reason. The nonprofit helps teachers, kids and schools explore the arts in creative ways; puts on amazing workshops and classes; presents a 10-day annual Discover Jazz Festival; provides space for numerous fine arts groups, including the Vermont Symphony Orchestra; and much more. Its good work reaches over 200,000 people, including nearly 40,000 Tom Williams Over the Edgeschool-aged children throughout Vermont. The money raised from Over the Edge will support diverse programs, including ticket subsidies and FlynnArts scholarships.

All told, the Flynn has (so far) raised more than $138,000 from 1,559 gift givers, and the fundraising pages will be open and accepting additional gifts until September 30. So if you haven’t yet contributed, please consider doing so. Tom’s page, again, is here. And no, we’re not asking just because the top Toss the Boss fundraisers get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parties. (But we would be lying if we pretended that that wasn’t something of a motivating factor J!)

For more information on the Flynn, visit their site here.

Thanks again to Tom and to everyone who supported him and the others who bravely rappelled the Marriott. Until next year…!

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