C2 Welcomes Taylor Harris

C2 Welcomes Taylor Harris

Here at C2, we believe technology holds endless possibilities for innovation and problem solving, and we’re always looking for dedicated tech experts who share that vision. That’s why we are thrilled to welcome Taylor Harris to our team as Systems Engineer.

Taylor has been fascinated by the tech industry from a young age when he realized the vast potential contained within each device. When he got older, he channeled his love of technology into a career. “I love how everything is always changing,” he says of the tech industry. “Every day I could be doing something completely different from the last.”

Before joining C2, Taylor worked as a junior systems administrator at Hayward Tyler, where he created and administered a variety of software and systems. He studied computer networking and cybersecurity at Champlain College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

In his new role, Taylor is excited to see every project through from beginning to end and work with the talented, innovative team at C2 to provide top-notch customer service. “I have always taken great pride in the ability to articulate technical concepts in ways others (maybe non-technical) can understand,” Taylor says.

When he’s not helping people overcome their tech challenges, Taylor is an avid sim racer. “After work or on weekends you will see me on the iRacing track,” he says. He also loves testing out tech ideas in his home lab, and he serves as an adjunct professor at Champlain College.

Welcome to the C2 crew, Taylor!


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