C2 Welcomes Seiji Ohashi

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We are excited to announce that Seiji Ohashi has joined the C2 crew as a Systems Engineer.

Seiji has been interested in technology since childhood, “when computers were beige and text was green,” he says, adding that these now-antiquated machines were “what my mother was able to take home from school after an upgrade.” Today, computers have slimmed down and prettied up, and Seiji has nearly 15 years of professional experience in the tech industry, primarily supporting software development, creative, and big data environments.

Before coming to C2, Seiji worked as an IT manager or analyst at a number of tech-based companies in New York, the most recent being Palantir Technologies, where he was responsible for automated, packaged and documented demos of proprietary analytics software, as well as designing, building and managing open-source virtual environments.

Seiji has also served as an employee or contractor for high-profile companies such as Williams-Sonoma, Pixar Animation Studios, Adobe Systems Inc., J. Walter Thompson Tech, and The Gap.

But Seiji’s career journey has been anything but straightforward. Before pursuing a career in IT, he earned a degree in 3D modeling and animation from the Academy of Art College in California. He credits his artistic background with giving him a unique perspective on how to solve tech-related challenges.

“Working with talented people for interesting clients on challenging problems is what makes C2 an ideal environment for me personally,” he says. “My path to C2, and IT, in general, was very non-traditional. This gives me a unique perspective to troubleshoot from.”

When he’s not at his desk, Seiji spends a lot of time outdoors. He enjoys billiards, rock climbing, skiing and spending time with his family.

We know Seiji will be a great fit to our ever-growing roster of tech experts at C2. Welcome to the team, Seiji!

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