C2 Welcomes James Nadeau

C2 Welcomes James Nadeau

We’re delighted to announce that James Nadeau has joined our team as Software Engineer.

James got started on his tech industry career path early – you might say he’s been in training since he was four-years-old when his family bought a Macintosh SE. “I’ve been hammering away at the keyboard learning things since then,” he says.

Since deciding to turn his passion for tech into a career, he’s gained more than a decade of experience servicing and developing software systems as an independent contractor, as well as for companies including Clevertech.biz, Red Barn Media Group, and the National Gardening Association.

His previous experience also includes building information systems for large multinational corporations like Bosch and Fujitsu. “I’m able to break problems down by layer and troubleshoot what is going on from the ground up,” James says.

In his new role at C2, James is excited to help the state of Vermont automate tasks they are currently doing manually. Having previously worked remotely, he’s also looking forward to learning from his coworkers and having an office to serve as his home away from home.

When he’s not at his desk, James likes to spend time with his son. He also enjoys sailing on Lake Champlain and racing and taking photos with his quadcopters.

Welcome to C2, James!

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