C2 is Excited to Welcome Dylan Zimmerman

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We’re always happy to introduce a new member of the team who shares our vision for excellence, commitment to clients and technological expertise. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the talented Dylan Zimmerman has come aboard to brighten our spring.

Dylan joins our organization after working at Marathon Health. Since graduating in 2013, Dylan has been busy honing his skills and expanding his experiences at Marathon Health, Forrester Research and Advanced Technology Services (ATS). He is excited to establish himself here at C2 and set a foundation for the future. He joins the best at National Life Group in Montpelier, where he will further their efforts to move core platforms and applications to the cloud.

Dylan began college with web design in mind. He reports, however, that the more he learned about implementing and configuring devices, the more he became interested in leveraging technology for business. “I started following what new tech was emerging and I have been on this path ever since,” he says.

In his time at C2, Dylan hopes to learn more about the many different styles of IT practices to better serve customers. Although he has only been with the company for a short time, he reports that he is, “enthralled by our customer, National Life Group and how they manage their systems.”

Dylan brings a strong foundation of problem-solving to the team. He notes that working on problems in IT requires sensitivity to cause and effect, and there’s not always an obvious answer. “At times, you will have to engineer your own solution.” That “can-do” spirit is exactly what we look for here at C2, and we think this will make him a valuable addition to the team for years to come.

When Dylan’s not on the clock, he snowboards every chance he can get. During the warmer months, he and his wife tend to their garden and foster animals that she brings home from the animal hospital, in addition to caring for their permanent pets.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Dylan here at C2!

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