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At C2, our people are our strength, so we’re pleased to welcome back one of the employees who helped make us what we are today, Al Hickman. Al was an early member of our staff who helped create our unique culture of customer focus and innovation.

Al contributed to C2’s success from 1995 to the end of 2014. We lost him for a few years, but we’re delighted to have him return, in the role of Senior Software Engineer. Here are a few things to know about him:

Inspired to Create

Al has had a lifelong fascination of how culture and ideas have been transmitted throughout the ages—in both ancient and future/technological forms. Professionally, he delights when he can make code sing. But in his free time, he sings Gregorian chant.

In high school, he developed a love of language, fascinated by “interactive fiction”—at the time, a cutting-edge series of language-based computer games released by Infocom.

Wanting to make his own blend of old world storytelling and new tech, Al attended Rutgers University and Rowan College at Gloucester County, earning degrees in both computer science and English literature. By the time he had graduated, computer graphics had matured and games no longer needed to be based on text. But the power of using computers to convey stories and ideas has continued, and Al’s been thrilled to have been a part of that development.

Excited to Return

Al is excited to return to C2 after four years away, because he enjoys tailoring technology to each client’s specific goals and aspirations. “That is really what C2 is all about—an intense focus on the customer and making them successful,” explained Al. For the clients, that singular focus sets C2 apart. And for staff, it makes working at C2 exciting, because every situation is different and constantly pushes everyone to be their innovative best.

Strength and Humility

People who have worked with Al describe him as a steadfast leader with high standards. He has a clear vision and faces challenges with confidence. Al says the source of his strength is recognizing that he isn’t the source of his abilities. He relies on the contributions of others and his wife’s unwavering support.

Outside Activities

Al and his wife are busy raising 12 children. In his free time, Al loves to spend time with his family enjoying the beauty of the Adirondacks just outside his back door. He particularly enjoys hiking, kayaking, and getting together with family and friends to celebrate the pageant of life over a fine meal and a glass of wine.

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