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In C2’s 25th anniversary year, we aren’t just celebrating our past: We want to build the future. Which is why we are so excited about our annual summer internship program. At C2, we recruit New England’s best college students, to provide them with paid on-the-job training as they develop the advanced skills they’ll need tomorrow, today.

This year, our intern class includes Zach Bechhoefer, Junior at the University of Vermont (UVM) studying Computer Science; Meghan Collins, junior at the University of Alabama, studying computer science; and Sarah Ferland, a rising senior at Vermont Technical College (VTC), majoring in Software Engineering.

C2 works with colleges such as UVM, VTC, Saint Michael’s College, Champlain College, and more to source and place students in internships that align with their program of study. And each year, C2 makes sure that interns participate in real, meaningful experiences that they will be proud to include on their resumes. C2 interns have done everything from marketing campaigns to software development. In a previous class, one intern directed an office remodel project with a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year, we asked Sarah to work on our own C2 website.

Before arriving at C2, Sarah had never worked with Sitecore or MVC models. But that didn’t stop her from embracing the new challenge. After some training, she went straight to work: “Updating the homepage to have a dynamic background and call-out navigation, it has been fun to work with marketing to build their vision for the site,” said Sarah. “It’s been my favorite project to work on, so far.”

Zach has also been busy working on site design and implementation. He’s been working with our team on enterprise-level web development.

“I like web development, and I knew this would give me professional experience,” said Zach. He’ll be back at UVM in the fall, but he already has his eyes on graduation and a career in tech. In the meantime, he’s excited to see his work out there, for all to see: “Going through the deployment process now for new versions of a site is cool because you get to see what you’ve worked on exposed to the internet.”

C2 interns aren’t just focusing on technical skills; they’re also working on career development.

Meghan is in her second year of the program, and she’s been mentored by Naomi Firlik, C2 Web Analyst. Through Naomi, Meghan has met systems engineers, software engineers, project managers, web analysts and more—so she can understand the possible career paths in her future.

“One of my favorite things about working here is the variety of people, projects, and tools that I have the opportunity to work and learn from,” said Meghan.

“Students in programs from engineering to business and finance can find opportunities at C2 and get great exposure to our teams and work, as well as on-the-job training and practical experience,” said Marty Thieret, C2 Co-Founder and CEO.

Completing an internship at an innovative, growing company like C2 will certainly help students secure a job—and in some cases, a career at C2. We are proud that several current employees are former interns, and are eagerly looking ahead to planning future internship programs.

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