That’s a wrap! 2016 C2 Cares Campaign

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Our name is Competitive Computing for a reason. We have a passion for making our clients’ businesses better through digital advancements. But the other side of our competitive nature comes out when given the opportunity to do something really cool.

For 20 years we have been supporting United Way of Northwest Vermont through our efforts and just wrapped up our C2 Cares campaign with a notable 60% participation from C2 employees. We may be a smaller band of techies here, but with our 60% we were able to raise over $10,000 in donations.

Giving is part of being Competitive.

Since our start, being able to participate in philanthropic opportunities—like our C2 Cares campaign—has been a cornerstone of our business. We can see evidence of this through the compassion of our employees outside of just these events. Many who call C2 their home are involved in their local communities already through various other organizations like March of Dimes, Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)Relay for Life and Dragonheart Vermont.

A history of philanthropy

In the past, C2’s events have been things like our life-sized Twister challenge, blow-up obstacle course or treasure hunt campaigns. Every year, these campaigns are designed to raise awareness and encourage involvement. This year’s C2 Cares campaign was a way to reach out to two agencies specifically, that are funded by the United Way. Employees were asked to bring items listed as “needs” for both COTS (Committee On Temporary Shelter) and STEPS (formerly Women Helping Battered Women).

Along with money, donations included personal hygiene and care products, cleaning supplies, and clothing. A total of 5 boxes were filled to the brim as a donation for each of these two organizations—eventually becoming 10-15 bags worth of supplies. We know that these items will go to our deserving neighbors and that our continued support truly makes a difference.

This difference we can make is immediately obvious and is a large part of what drives C2 employees to give. Seeing the tears in the eyes of the COTS attendant who came to receive our donation—unbelieving in what we were able to donate in such a short amount of time—is exactly what keeps us motivated to be involved. As it turns out, this response is infectious; the COTS driver said that involvement like this is what keeps her going. It’s moments like these that we feel most defines a company’s culture.

We are proud of our employees for this year’s campaign success and the 60% participation. We’re excited to see our campaigns continue to grow each year. Congratulations, C2 on a great campaign!

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