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C2 is thrilled to announce the addition of three new key members of our eBusiness team, Jeremiah Alexander, Bob Farnham, and John Wojtkielewicz. As a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, C2 is proud to employ many bright, innovative and hardworking people and Jeremiah, Bob and John promise to greatly enhance our eBusiness operations.

Jeremiah Alexander has been a software engineer for 11 years, with experience building high scalability projects with large data sets and in the complete software lifecycle, including requirements, design, implementation, verification, and validation, as well as troubleshooting and resolving issues, working for companies like MyWebGrocer; Service Lane eAdvisor; Data Innovations, LLC; and AutoDesk, Inc. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from Clarkson University in 2007.

“I love working with new technologies and getting to create brand new products,” Jeremiah said. “At C2, I get to work on hard, complicated, projects, and I’m trusted to take an outline and deliver a functioning product. I never back away from the challenges, here at C2, I work my way towards them.”

When he’s not working, Jeremiah enjoys watching movies, playing video games and cooking. “However, I am always down to go sailing, hiking or out to dinner when asked,” he said.

Bob Farnham joins C2’s eBusiness team with more than 25 years of software development experience. Bob has worked designing, developing and supporting custom software solutions for companies such as MyWebGrocer; Lockheed Martin, Inc.; and Digital Equipment Corp, Inc.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from Trinity College of Vermont. He has also studied Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering at The University of Vermont and Vermont Technical College, and he is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

John Wojtkielewicz joins C2 with a proven track record as an experienced full-stack developer, having worked for companies like MyWebGrocer and Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc.

On the advice of his wife, formerly a web developer herself, he opted to study Computer Science in college instead of Philosophy, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Temple University, Philadelphia.

“C2 offers a small business atmosphere and a variety of clients and technology,” John said. “Variety keeps work interesting.”

Outside of work, John said he enjoys playing basketball, video games, and board games.

Jeremiah, Bob, and John are all excellent additions to the C2 team eBusiness team and we’re excited to see the great work they’ll do with C2.

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