The Business Impact of IT Transformation

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The business impact of IT transformation (ITX) is compelling. To help businesses thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, IT must evolve from a resource consumer and enabler of back-office processes into an organization that propels business and supports innovation. ITX is necessary to provide the computing agility and scalability needed to better support employees and customers and to speed time to market for new products and services. The implementation of hybrid cloud computing is often the first step in this process. While ITX can be challenging, organizations that choose to transform their IT divisions typically reap revenue increases — with an average of 20% growth in revenue over five years and improvement in their ability to compete. The IDC white paper on the business impact of IT transformation further illustrates how leveraging IT efficiencies and increased agility delivers new customer experiences and revenue growth.

No matter where you are on your journey, C2 has the experience and expertise to guide you on your path. Our goal is to help organizations become more modern and make innovation a reality. So, what is the value of modernized IT infrastructure in real numbers?

* 35% increase in IT staff productivity

* 23% lower IT infrastructure cost

* 73% less time lost due to unplanned downtime

We are excited to offer a complimentary #GetModern IT assessment to SMB and enterprise organizations. The assessment is a non-disruptive analysis that shows potential reduced TCO by moving to a modern infrastructure and increasing maturity levels from a standpoint of IT responsiveness, automation, and the ability to support an organization’s digital initiatives. It offers a data-driven appraisal to show the significance of switching to a modern infrastructure solution. This information is summarized in a compelling, concise manner that clearly illustrates a return on investment.

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